5 Basic Dating Profile Tweaks For Online Dating Success

15 Feb 2022 - 12:34

Does your online dating profile need a bit of a tune-up?

If you’re putting yourself out there and not getting the results you want, it might be worth checking whether your profile needs adjusting.

Here are five basic areas to improve on, that might help breathe some life into your inbox.

1. Show your face (and look approachable)

A face is everything to both men and women – expression, smile, eyes … there’s so much to learn about a potential date from their selfie.
Profiles that don’t show their face at all just don’t work!

2. Write a profile description

Finding the right people to hook up with is about a lot more than just their physical appearance. It’s difficult to pick up on someone’s sense of humour or idea of fun by looking at a profile photo. A piece of text about yourself is crucial, even if it’s just a line or two.
Without a profile description, potential dates are reduced to having a “Hi, how are you?” boring conversation.

3. Be clear about what you’re looking for

Being honest about your intentions means you’ll only attract the people who want what you’re offering, which saves time. It also shows that you’re self-aware enough to actually express your needs. Lastly, it shows you have standards – you’re being selective, which is an attractive characteristic in a potential partner.

4. Is any emotional baggage showing?

Do not mention bad experiences or negativity in your profile or messages. It’s simply not attractive and doesn’t get any potential suitors ready to message you first and you are just overlooked. Remember your dating profile is there to sell yourself! So don't be a negative nancy and be the best you can be!

5. Avoid being generic

I don’t believe anyone is entirely ‘average’. It’s the stuff that makes us different that also makes us interesting….and when it comes to online dating, ‘interesting’ is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Show something about you that’s unexpected, either via a photo or in your profile text. Here are few crazy ones you could maybe drop into your profile to stand out and have them as conversation starters:

“When I am out in a pub I love people-watching.”
“I have dog-whispering skills”
“I do this one-party trick…you’ll have to see it to believe it.”
“Here’s a pic of me with my wine collection.”

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