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1 Aug 2013 - 11:37 | Tags: slapper success

What makes a slapper a slapper? Is it her willingness to indulge in as much casual sex as possible? Or is it her ability to admit that inside, every human being is a right slapper at heart.

We just don’t want to admit it in polite circles.

Slap & Tickle
All our lives we’re told to “behave”, “be good”, “be nice”, “be fair”…the list of virtues is endless. They’re also virtues pretty much everyone ignores at some point in their lives one way or another. It’s hard to be good all the time. It’s hard to be fair.

Sometimes we need to let our hair down and have a little fun. Or a lot of fun.

The Stigma of Slapper
Being a slapper is not a bad thing. In fact being a slapper is a fucking amazing thing! Where else do you get people actually admitting how much they enjoy and crave sex all the time? What was once an insult we have turned into a badge of honour.

Slappers get laid more then anyone else and have a much richer life as a result. Sigmund Freud got it spot on when he diagnosed the human race as a band of sex mad apes intent on shagging their way to the top of the food chain. He was not wrong, yet we never seem to embrace that most basic of biological imperatives. For some reason we attach a complicated bunch of moral conditions to sex. Some are good, some are not so good. Being a slapper is good. Why? Because it’s actually liberating.

Though, some women truly despise the term slapper still.

Safe Slapping
Do not mistake being a slapper as someone who’s a bit thick. Most play it safe in the bedroom and if you aren’t prepared to play by their rules and practice safe sex then you won’t get anywhere.

Slappers aren’t stupid.

In fact they’re likely be successful high powered and confident women. The same women you meet on a day-to-day basis on the street or in a bar or down your local gym. When it comes to the bedroom however, the confidence just increases and all rules go out the window! If you’re not prepared for a wild time with one of these girls then you are on the wrong site.

If you’re expecting an easy lay just because you message a bunch of girls with the same generic lines, then you might as well jog on. Slappers are just the same as most people; smart, sexy, confident and in control of what they want and how to get it.

Slapper Success
If you want to be successful with these girls then all you need to do is follow these very simple rules:

1. Be confident in what you want.
2. Be honest about what you want.
3. Be playful

We are all human beings and all these girls are very up front and honest about what it is they want. Make sure you do the same.

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