Top sex positions for a cheeky slapper and her lucky partner

6 Oct 2020 - 15:07 2 is a winner for those who like to dominate.

Women and men don’t always agree about what qualifies as great sex. There is hope, however, in the form of sex positions, specially curated with women’s desires in mind.

A hook-up doesn’t have to be run of the mill. It doesn’t always have to be a quickie, you can take your time, enjoy it and maybe even orgasm....(ladies).

Why not try all of the following positions in one session and see how many times you can orgasm!

No. 1 - The classic doggy style

Get on all fours, then have your partner kneel behind you. Get ready for deep penetration and easier G-spot stimulation. He can watch your bum jiggle with every stroke, what a view!

No. 2 - Reverse Cowgirl

Your partner lies on their back; you straddle them, facing their feet. You control the pace and rhythm. You create your own orgasm, you naughty girl!

No. 3 - Woman on top

Similar to cowgirl, the woman climbs on top, but lies chest to chest. You can enjoy the sense of fullness and can grind your clit against the shaft. You’re in charge, so make sure to communicate with him in case he’s getting close...

No. 4 - The seashell

Lie back with your legs raised all the way up and your ankles crossed behind your own head. He can then enter you from a missionary position. Your hands are free to work your clitoris. He can watch you work your magic.

No. 5 - 69’r

Lie down, facing each other, but head to foot, each partner pulls themselves close so you can give them oral. Why not orgasm at the same time to finish things off?

Give them a go and make sure you tell us all about your experiences in the diary section onsite. We love to hear about your thrills. Go and get naughty with a slapper who’s ready and waiting.

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