Why does Slapper Dating Exist?

16 Aug 2013 - 15:57 | Tags: slapper dating reasons

A friend of mine asked me the other day “So what are you working on at the moment?” When I told him that I was currently coming up with some pieces for Slapper Dating, his mouth nearly dropped open in shock! He knows I work in Adult Dating, but until now he had never truly thought about what that meant.

Suddenly I was inundated with questions!

“Do sites like this actually exist?!”
“Are the profiles real?”
“Do women really describe themselves as slappers?!”

I had to answer all in the affirmative to him. Yes sites like this do exist, yes the profiles are real and yes some women are quite happy to describe themselves as slappers.

But it was his first question that got me thinking the most. Whilst you and I know that obviously these sites exist (you wouldn’t be reading this if we didn’t), I had never actually sat down to think about the reasons as to why they exist?

And then just looking through the profiles on the site and talking to my friends the answer was right in front of me.

We are all as horny as fuck, and some people are so horny all the time that their sex drive flies right off the chart.

Sex Drive Harder
Some people have a high sex drive. Some people don’t. The slappers on our site have extremely high sex drives and that is why they are on this site. They need sex in the same way we need air to breathe. It’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It’s a very real and very human need.

Women enjoy sex just as much…if not more then guys!
It’s no secret that women can multiple orgasm, but what is rarely discussed is that women’s bodies have so many more sensual areas then a man’s. I asked a girlfriend of mine (who asked to remain anonymous) if she could explain it more fully.

“Common perception is that guys think about sex all the time, but the media seem to forget that there are thousands of women’s magazines and blogs talking about sex all the time. Why is that? Because we think about sex just as much as guys do! Okay, we might think of it differently but we are as obsessed if not more obsessed then guys are about having sex! I love sex and bet I enjoy it far more then any 1 guy in the world.”
Tania, 37 (name changed)

Not meaning to sound demeaning here guys, but the reason there are so many women on this site is because they want and need sex more then you do. Women’s sex drives increase the older they get whereas a bloke’s tends to ease off the gas around the mid 20s.

No Judgement Please
Whatever else my friend and others like him may think of sites like this, the fact remains we exist because we are needed. You can judge, you can scoff, you can laugh…hell you can look away in disgust if you feel like it, but whatever you may think, just remember: we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you reading this right now.

Now go and find yourself a nice slapper or two and we’ll catch up in a few weeks.

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