Why We Love Slappers

23 Apr 2014 - 19:24

Slappers are misunderstood by the British public and all too often disrespected and mocked openly. This here at Slapper Dating is a great source of frustration and it was bothering me so much that I felt the need to write this post today sharing with the whole world (or at least our readers and users) why slappers are our favourite women in the United Kingdom.

So today I will list out a few of the best reasons to love slappers and why for me and the team here at Slapper Dating slappers are the best sexual partners around.

So without any further ado I will now go through our short list of reasons to love slappers and get onto Slapper Dating right now to meet one for you:

1. They are Sexual and Proud
All to many women all around the UK are ashamed of their sexuality and will take forever to reveal their true sexual desires to anyone due to their shame. Whereas we love the open lustful sexuality of slappers. They will let you know just by how they dress that they are up for it and willing, nay proud to show that to everyone else around them. That open love of sex is a massive turn on for me and the team here at Slapper Dating. We love you slappers!

2. They Know How to Have a Good Time
Going out with a lot of women in Britain is as much a case of not scaring them off than it is about having fun. They have so many ideas about men and dating in their heads that you have to drop yourself to the lowest common denominator just to get them to trust you enough to even consider doing something fun. For slappers however they are more likely to be pushing me to my limits on the first date and that is thrilling. They know what they like and go for it, and that means they will show you a good time even on the first date. A slapper is not for the faint of heart man though, she will overwhelm and intimidate him. But if you can take the intensity of a slapper you will be in for the time of your life. And people think slappers are simple, no they're just not stuck up. We love you slappers!

3. They are Kinky
If there is anything in sex that you have only fantasised about but have never felt you could ask for it before or your previous girlfriends have turned you down then you need to try a slapper. She is up for anything because it gives her that thrill that she craves. Also because slappers are not stuck up like so many other women are she will see the kinky sex for what it is, chance to try something new and get a thrill. She wants to have fun, just like you and me. We love you slappers!

So as you can see slappers know what it means to have fun and other women have a lot to learn from them. So go out there now and get yourself a saucy slapper in your bed today.

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